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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Shop floor solutions that work, without re-work.
If you work in manufacturing, no doubt you use and understand the value of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). However, many businesses are underutilizing the capabilities available to them. Best-in-class manufacturers experience an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of over 90%, which is 11% better than the industry average and 30% better than laggards.
Can you be confident that your own operation is best-in-class? If not, our MES experts can benchmark you against others and help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency in manufacturing.
Our Manufacturing Execution Services experts can help you:
Sogeti USA   Sogeti USA
Sogeti USA Reduce costly errors, waste and re-work.
Sogeti USA Better understand problem sources and avoid them.
Sogeti USA Decrease or eliminate manual entry time and associated costs.
Sogeti USA Improve planning and streamline schedules.
Sogeti USA   Sogeti USA
Part of the Sogeti approach to MES is our commitment to the Project Management methodology. We have Project Managers who are experts in the manufacturing industry with experience delivering custom solutions based on business drivers. This experience has allowed us to tailor our Multi-site Implementation and Rollout (MIR) methodology to help you with your MES needs on multiple shop floors without interruption.
From accelerators to Project Managers to scaled rollout, our experts get MES. We know that an effective system is as important as effective equipment, and Sogeti has the manufacturing experience you want in a business partner.
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